Congratulations. You have completed developing the app on Apptile. Published it on the respective app stores. But before you open a bottle of champagne or start sipping those margaritas, you will have to let your customers know about the app launch.

Letting customers know the app is on its way will build anticipation and drive app downloads once your app is live. You can do this by announcing via your social channels, email campaigns, or placing a ‘coming soon’ banner on your site.

The time before your app launches is also a great opportunity to understand the key metrics, research the market and implement optimization tools to understand and improve your mobile marketing performance.

So below is a quick checklist for a successful mobile app launch (and you go on sipping those margaritas):

Create a landing page on your Shopify page

You should create a landing page explaining the app's benefits and a link for customers to download the app. At a minimum, add the download links in the footer of the Shopify stores.

Add a smart banner to the mobile site

Once the app is live, you’ll want to prompt your mobile website visitors to download the app with a banner that either appears at the top of your store or a popup. The banner should redirect users directly to the relevant app store (Google/Apple) to download your app. You can also offer an app-exclusive discount code, highlight a product that is only available in your app, or promote a ‘download to win’ giveaway within the banner.

Create video content

Create videos that promote your app on your social media and paid ads. Video is the best way to show the app in action and get its value across. Not to mention, video is a proven way to catch someone’s attention and increase downloads.

Optimize your app store algorithms

Along with planning how to launch an app, make sure you do your research on your target audience and competitors to make your app more discoverable in the App Stores. The app store is the biggest channel for app discovery and getting app downloads. Check out this guide for ASO tips to ensure your app doesn’t get lost in the app store.

Announce your mobile app in email campaigns

Leverage your email list to get app downloads. Regularly promoting your app within your email campaigns with the app download buttons to help convert your email subscribers.

Build a buzz on social

Promoting your app on social media can also be very helpful. Your followers are engaged customers that will want to know about your mobile app. We recommend posting on the feed and in stories to take advantage of every opportunity on the social platform.

Understand your app KPIs

Finally, for any successful launch, understanding the product's metrics (in this case, the mobile app) will help you gain insights, improve performance and get more revenue on mobile. Log in to Apptile’s metric dashboard to better understand the key metrics for your mobile app.

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