One Click Integrations
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Your Shopify store would have installed or integrated many apps from the Shopify app store. For example, to collect customer reviews, you would be using Stamped, or to run subscriptions, you would be using recharge or bolt. And when you develop your mobile app, you will want to support the same apps within your native mobile apps.

With Apptile, you can integrate all your apps with a single click. On the left panel, click ‘Integrations’. We will list all the apps that you can integrate. We have more than 15+ apps, and that list growing by the day.

You click on ‘Connect’ to integrate the app. If the app requires your login credentials, enter them.

Voila! The app is integrated into your mobile app. Now you can use them as tiles to drag and drop anywhere on your mobile app.

If you want more details about the app, you can ‘click’ on the app icons to view details about that particular app.

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