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5 key features on Apptile to build a world-class mobile app
5 key features on Apptile to build a world-class mobile app
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Apptile was created with the vision to revolutionize mobile app building, especially for entrepreneurs who want to create businesses or solve a problem and not worry about mobile app technologies. When we looked at the current products in the market, we found that all mobile app-building (no-code) products targeted developers.

With that, we have created a product for entrepreneurs to create mobile apps as easily as they have been able to create websites on Wix or Squarespace. The key features are:

Smart drag-and-drop editor

We have created Apptile from Design's first principles. As part of that, merchants can begin their app-building process by choosing from predesigned templates (a growing library)

Once a merchant selects a template, they can use the smart drag and drop editor that allows them to select ‘Tiles’.

Subsequently editing the dropped tile is as easy as editing a PowerPoint slide.

One-click integration

With Apptile, you can integrate all your apps with a single click. On the left panel, click ‘Integrations’. We will list all the apps that you can integrate. We have more than 15+ apps, and that list is growing by the day. Follow the link for more details.

Intelligent Notification

Notifications are one of the most powerful capabilities merchants consider developing mobile apps. It allows them to notify their end customers on offers, discounts and increase conversion.

And Apptile is providing a full suite of features. Within Apptile, a merchant can easily customize the text and images for their push notifications. They can then run marketing campaigns on select customer actions like cart abandonment and even on customer segments starting with the Shopify customer segment.

Content commerce

Content commerce is becoming an increasingly important part of eCommerce growth and conversion story. In Apptile, we have a prebuilt library of Tiles dedicated to content commerce, starting with Native blogs that open within the mobile app natively, not a re-direct to a web browser.

Merchants can also choose a quiz ‘Tile’ to better engage with customers

Data is the new oil

Analytics is the heart of any business. Apptile understands this and will start by providing you with GA4 integration. Along with it, we will be capturing all events based on which we can provide custom reports to the merchants.

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