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Migrating your existing apps to Apptile
Migrating your existing apps to Apptile

Know how migrating from a different platform to Apptile looks like.

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Apptile can help update apps over an existing app on the App or Google Play Stores within your developer accounts. Here's what to expect when migrating from a different platform to Apptile.

What to expect?

  • When using Apptile, your existing app can be updated via the app Bundle ID, and automatic app updates can be scheduled overnight for users who have opted-in.

  • If automatic updates are disabled, users can manually update their apps by navigating to the App store and clicking ‘Update.’

  • As a best practice, it is recommended to communicate app updates via social media or email campaigns to ensure all users are aware of the new version.

Important Note:

Note that Google Play app updates may require additional steps, such as resetting your app upload key, for Apptile to update over your existing Android app. However, rest assured that your Implementation Specialist will guide you through this process.

More Questions

If you require any further assistance or have additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always here to help, write to us at

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