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Push Notifications 101: How to Get Started?
Push Notifications 101: How to Get Started?

Your introductory guide to creating compelling push notifications.

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A push notification is a message that is sent to a user's device by a mobile app or website, even when the app or website is not actively in use. Push notifications are typically used to alert users of new content, messages, promotions, or other important information.

When a push notification is sent, it appears as a banner or alert on the user's device, accompanied by a sound, vibration, or both. The user can then click on the notification to open the app or website and view the new content or message.

How do Push Notifications work?

Apptile offers real-time free and unlimited push notifications to users who opt-in to receive alerts even when they are not using the app. With this feature, app owners can instantly communicate with their users about new product launches, limited-time offers, or any other important updates. Users can leverage these push notifications to stay engaged with their audience, boost user retention, and drive app usage. Additionally, push notifications can be used to increase sales, promote new features, and re-engage inactive users, making them a valuable tool for any app owner.

Text Push Notifications

Text push notifications are a powerful tool for brands to engage with their audience and increase user engagement and retention. These notifications typically appear as a banner or alert on a mobile device's lock screen or as a pop-up notification on a desktop or laptop computer.

With Apptile, you get the capability to hyper-target the notification towards any pre-configured Shopify user segments. You can further customise the header and the main message body of text push notifications and then send or schedule it instantly . (Add Image)

Use these notifications to inform users about new messages, updates, promotions, events, flash sales or other relevant information. However, it is important to use them sparingly and with relevance to avoid annoying users and leading to high unsubscribe rates.

Pro tip: Add an emoji or image to make the notification stand out and catch the user's attention.

Rich-media Push Notifications

Rich push notifications typically include a large image (360x240 px), title, description, and a link or buttons. Incorporating a sizable image in your notification is an effective approach to promote particular products ,or a collection, as it provides subscribers with an expanded visual representation that gives them a better understanding of the offer.

Image push notifications can be effective for promoting products, services, or events, as they allow for a more visual representation of what is being offered. They can also be used to enhance the user experience by providing a more engaging and interactive notification.

Automated Push Notifications

As an Apptile user, you can seamlessly create behaviour-based segmented and automated push notifications within the notifications dashboard by simply selecting the Shopify user segment you’d like to target. Behaviour-based segmentation sends push notifications to defined groups automatically, such as welcome users, recent add-to-carts, abandoned carts, and favourites.

Additionally, automated push notifications can be sent for order confirmations and wishlist updates, as well as back-in-stock alerts. To learn more about creating automated push notifications, please visit this link.

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