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Integrate Stamped Ratings & UGC with Apptile
Integrate Stamped Ratings & UGC with Apptile

Step-by-step guide to integrate Stamped Ratings & UGC with Apptile.

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Trust is the building block of great customer relations in the e-commerce world. When customers trust a brand, they are more likely to make repeat purchases, recommend the brand to others, and remain loyal even in the face of competition. You must prioritize building credibility with customers, as it can be a key driver of business success.

One way to establish brand credibility is through showcasing social proof and giving your customers a voice via customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials on your app. By integrating Stamped with Apptile, you can effectively build and maintain long-term customer relationships and loyalty.

What is Stamped?

Stamped is an eCommerce marketing platform that specializes in solutions for customer reviews and loyalty. Their reviews platform enables businesses to display product ratings and reviews in their app, which can increase engagement and conversion by creating a level of trust among app users.

Why Stamped + Apptile?

By integrating Stamped with Apptile, you can easily import online product reviews into your mobile app. Once integrated, you can display product ratings and reviews on your app and provide users transparency and a better understanding of the quality and satisfaction of your products or services. This social proof can build trust and confidence in potential customers, leading to an increase in engagement and sales conversion rates.

Important Note: The product ratings will be displayed in your app only once you approve them from the Stamped admin panel.


  1. To use the integration, you need an Apptile account and a subscription to Stamped reviews. You can learn more about Stamped pricing plans on their website.

  2. Make sure to have the Stamped app installed by visiting:

  3. Ensure that you're using tiles with stamped reviews integration enabled. For instance, product carousels & review tiles on PDP.

Note: In case of pre-existing reviews/ratings on other platforms, you can export them as a CSV file and upload them via the Stamped Importer tab in your main Dashboard.

Connect Apptile to your Stamped Account

Follow the steps below to connect the integration and enter the required fields.

1. Go to your Stamped Reviews Dashboard. Click 'Settings' in the bottom left corner.

2. Click on ‘API Keys’ on the left menu and copy these details:

  • Client ID (or Public API Key)

  • Secret Key (or Secret API Key)

  • Store Hash (or Store ID)

3. Now, open your Apptile Dashboard. Click on the 'Integrations' tab. Then, scroll down and locate 'Stamped Reviews & Rewards’.

4. Click on ‘Connect’ and paste your API Keys' under the respective sections.

5. Click 'Connect’ to activate the integration.

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