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Creating your App Listing
Creating your App Listing

Learn how to build a well-crafted app listing as well as the required assets for it.

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The app listing is crucial for ensuring that users can discover your app in the App and Google Play Stores. It provides important information about the app's features, functionality, and benefits, which can help drive downloads and improve the overall user experience. A well-crafted app listing can help your app stand out in a crowded market, attract more users, and ultimately increase its revenue potential.


App Icon

The app icon is one of the most important visual elements of your app listing because it serves as the first point of contact with potential users. It plays a significant role in attracting potential users, differentiating your app from competitors, and reinforcing your brand identity. A visually appealing and memorable app icon can increase the likelihood that users will download and engage with your app.

Placeholder Image

When an app is loading, or if there is no image available, a placeholder image is displayed. Having a well-designed placeholder image ensures that your app looks polished and professional, even if there are temporary delays or missing content. It also helps prevent the app from looking empty or incomplete.

App Screenshots

To communicate your app's value propositions effectively, it's important to use graphical assets instead of relying solely on text. Your app screenshots can tell a story and are an essential component of an app listing as they provide visual representations of the app's features, functionality, and design. They are an effective way to communicate what the app is about and showcase its unique selling points.

Additionally, the order of the screenshots can impact the app's success on the app store, with the first screenshots being the most visible and having the greatest impact on a user's decision to download the app.

Launch Screen

The launch screen is the first screen that users see when they open your app. It serves as an introduction to the app and sets the tone for the user's experience. A user-friendly and polished launch screen can make your app feel more engaging and immersive.

Brand Colours

Your app listing should be consistent with your brand identity, and therefore you may need to provide the colour scheme that represents your brand. These colours can be used in various elements of your app listing, such as the background colour, button colour, and font colour.

App Store Listing

App Title

An app title is the name of an app that appears in an app store listing and on the device's home screen once the app is downloaded. It must show your Shopify store name. A clear and concise app title can help users understand what the app does and why they should consider downloading it. It is recommended to choose an app title that is memorable, unique, and relevant to the app's purpose.

Here are some tips for creating an effective app title:

  • Be descriptive: Your app title should give users a clear idea of what your app does or what problem it solves. Use simple language that is easy to understand.

  • Keep it short and sweet: Your app title should be concise and to the point. Try to keep it under 30 characters if possible, as shorter titles tend to be more memorable.

  • Be memorable: Choose an app title that is unique and memorable. Avoid generic titles that may be confused with other apps.

  • Consider your branding: Your app title should be consistent with your app's branding, including your logo, color scheme, and overall style.

  • Think about searchability: Choose keywords that users might search for when looking for an app like yours. Incorporating relevant keywords into your app title can help improve your app's discoverability in the app store.

  • Test different options: Consider testing different app title options with a small group of users to see which ones are most effective at capturing their attention and conveying the app's purpose.

App Subtitle

An app subtitle is a short secondary descriptive phrase that appears beneath the app title in an app store listing. It provides additional information about the app and is often used to elaborate on the app's main features or benefits. The app subtitle is typically limited to 30-40 characters and is displayed prominently in the app store listing, alongside the app title and app icon. The subtitle can be an effective tool for capturing users' attention and encouraging them to learn more about the app. It is important to choose a subtitle that accurately reflects the app's value proposition and is easy for users to understand at a glance.

Primary Category

The primary category is the main category that the app falls under, and it helps users find the app more easily. For example, if an app is primarily a clothing brand, the primary category would be "Shopping."

Secondary Category

The secondary category is a complementary category that describes the app's features or functions more specifically, giving your app more discoverability.

Before choosing your category, please note that it must be aligned with the App Store Review Guidelines.


Search words help your customers find your app in the App Store search. Choose keywords with your target audience in mind to help the search algorithm surface your app in relevant searches. For additional information on App Store Search Optimization, check out this guide.

Important Note: Keywords only apply to Apple's App Store and not the Google Play Store.


A well-written app description is crucial to attracting potential users and driving downloads. It’s a brief written summary of a mobile application that provides potential users with an overview of the app's features, functionality, and benefits. It's a key component of an app listing and is typically displayed prominently in the app store alongside the app's icon and screenshots. Use your app description as an opportunity to showcase their app's unique selling points and convince users that their app is worth downloading and using.

Pro Tip: A good app description should be clear, concise, and engaging. It should use simple language and avoid technical jargon to ensure that it's easily understood by potential users. It should also be formatted in a way that makes it easy to read, using bullet points, headings, and short paragraphs.

Business Information

Marketing URL

The Marketing URL is a link to the app's website or landing page, where potential users can find more information about the app and its features. This link can be used to promote the app and drive traffic to the app's main website, where users can learn more about the app and its benefits.

Support URL

The Support URL is a link to the app's support page, where users can find help and support for any issues they may encounter while using the app. This link is important for maintaining a positive user experience and providing users with a way to contact the app's developers for assistance.

Privacy Policy URL

The Privacy Policy URL is a link to the app's privacy policy, which outlines the app's data collection and usage practices. It's an important component of an app listing, as it helps users understand how their personal information is being used and provides reassurance that their privacy is being respected.

App stores typically require developers to provide a privacy policy URL in order to list their app on the app store. This is to ensure that users have access to important information about the app's privacy practices before they download and use the app.

Now, to publish your app, folllow these steps:

1. Book a quick call with the Apptile team so that we can help setup the App store and Play store accounts for your app listing.
2. Our app design experts will then finalise your listing and share it for review with App store and Play store.
3. If all looks good, it's time to take your app listings live!

4. It usually takes a few days by App/Play store team to review and approve the apps - post which your app will be officially live.

5. Congrats - you've added a new sales channel.

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