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Why my new collection is not showing in the App?
Why my new collection is not showing in the App?
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When you create a new collection for your store on your Shopify Admin Dashboard, Apptile Mobile Builder takes 2 hours to reflect the new Collections on the Collections list on Apptile App Editor.

We update the collections list every 2 hours to prevent excessive use of Shopify APIs.

During this intermediate time, you won't see a freshly created collection on any Collections tile within the Apptile App editor. It will automatically start showing up in the collections list after 2 hours.

Please follow the below steps if Products are not visible in the collections in the App.

Include Collections in the “Apptile - Mobile App Builder” Sales Channel.

  1. Go to the Collection section ( in your Shopify Admin Dashboard.

  2. Bulk-select all the Collections you want to show in the collections of the Mobile App. And then click on Select all collections in this store to select all the collections in the store to include in Apptile Sales Channel.

  3. Now click on Include in Sales Channel button

  4. Make sure to select Apptile: Mobile App Builder as a Sales Channel and click on the Include Collections button.

  5. And you're done 🚀; now you can see all the Collections on the Mobile app. 📱

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