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Integrate Gorgias with Apptile
Integrate Gorgias with Apptile

Step-by-step guide to integrate Gorgias Helpdesk with Apptile

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What is Gorgias?

The best merchants grow through exceptional customer service. Gorgias is the ecommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center. Convert more shoppers, and retain them longer, with Gorgias โ€” the revenue-focused customer service platform for fast-growing eCommerce merchants.

Why Gorgias + Apptile ?

Integrating Gorgias into your Apptile powered mobile app unifies all your support conversations and accelerates your brand's growth through happier customers. How it helps:

  • Provide native helpdesk support to customers within your mobile app. No more web-views. No more redirects

  • Completely customise the look and feel of the integration as per your brand guidelines

  • Improve your support: Track team activity and support metrics on live dashboards

How to Connect Gorgias + Apptile?

This integration can be used by any Apptile customer on our Plus / Enterprise plans. To activate it, we would need your Gorgias username and API Key. Follow these steps:

1. Go to your Gorgias dashboard and navigate to "Your Profile"

2. Click on the "REST API" section in the left sidebar and copy "username".

3. Next, click on the "Create API Key" just below the username field. This will generate a Password (API key) section. Copy this as well.

4. That's all we need. Please share the username and Passowrd (API key) with us via chat or at [email protected]. Your Gorgias integration will be activated within 24-48 hours.

More Questions

If you require any further assistance or have additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always here to help, write to us at [email protected] and our experts will get back to you.

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