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How to create your Push Notification Campaign using Automated Templates?
How to create your Push Notification Campaign using Automated Templates?

Learn how to set up an automated push notification campaign on Apptile.

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Follow these steps for creating a automated push campaign on Apptile:

1. Choose your preferred Template

Choose the specific template you wish to use for your campaign. For instance, use the ‘Abandoned Cart’ template to send out notifications to users who have added items to their shopping cart but have not completed the purchase. Typically, these notifications are sent within a few hours to a day after the abandonment occurs. To enhance the appeal of your push , offer incentives such as discounts or free shipping to incentivize the customer to complete the purchase.

Pro tip: It's important to strike a balance between sending enough reminders to encourage the customer to complete the purchase and not overloading them with notifications that could turn them off. Brands may want to consider factors such as the value of the items in the cart, the length of time since the abandonment, and the customer's purchase history to determine the timing and frequency for their abandoned cart notifications.

2. Design & Add Content

Now, you can either choose the pre-configured messaging or you can craft the copy based on your preference. Next, add the image of a newly released product to promote it or a banner for an upcoming event or flash sale to generate excitement and encourage users to engage with the brand.

You can also direct your users to specific products, collections or even your homepage by selecting the specific destination from the drop down under ‘Select Deeplink’ section. Deep linking allows your users to quickly access the relevant content and seamlessly interact within the app, leading to a personalized and dynamic user experience.

3. Send or Schedule your Push

Finally, you are all set to send your push notifications. Click on 'Send' to instantly make your campaign live. Alternatively, you can also schedule your push by choosing the desired frequency (once or recurrent), time, and campaign start & end date and then hit 'Schedule.'

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