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How to create a Custom Push Notification?
How to create a Custom Push Notification?

Learn how to create and send out a custom push notification campaign on Apptile.

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Follow these steps to create a push notification campaign on Apptile:

1. Set up and Audience

First, choose your push notification type among plain text push or rich-media. Next, select your audience. If you want to send out the campaign to everyone, select ‘All Users’ from the dropdown. In case, you only want to target a specific user group, you can simply choose the Shopify user segment you’d like to send the notifications to.

With Apptile’s advanced capability of behaviour-based segmentation, you can send push notifications to defined groups (such as recent welcome users, abandoned carts, etc.) in just a few clicks.

2. Design & Add Content

Add the text for your push notification. You can include a 'Headline' (which appears in bold) to emphasise the message's significance and grab user attention. For instance, use a question or emojis in the headline to entice curiosity towards a new product. Now, create your 'Message' to craft the primary content of your notification. It's a good idea to use a call-to-action that informs customers about sales, promotions, or new releases.

You can also direct your users to specific products, collections or even your homepage by selecting the specific destination from the drop down under ‘Select Deeplink’ section. Deep linking allows your users to quickly access the relevant content and seamlessly interact within the app, leading to a personalized and dynamic user experience.

3. Send or Schedule your Push

Finally, you are all set to send your push notifications. Click on 'Send' to instantly make your campaign live. Alternatively, you can also schedule your push by choosing the desired frequency (once or recurrent), time, and campaign start & end date and then hit 'Schedule.'

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